Reducing reoffending

Member of staff interviews offender in custody

HMP Forest Bank is a safe and decent environment and is an essential foundation for a supportive and rehabilitative culture that motivates and enables individuals to make positive changes to their lives.

Quality of Life dimensions

Seven pathways for reducing reoffending

We deliver excellent offender management services using a wealth of experience and evidence based interventions.  The seven pathways for reducing reoffending that we employ have been established for more than a decade and were developed by the government’s Social Exclusion Unit, which researched the reasons for re-offending after release from prison:

  • Accommodation
  • Attitudes, thinking and behaviour
  • Children and family
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Education, training and employment
  • Finance, benefit and debt
  • Health

Rehabilitative and resettlement culture

We have used this experience to develop a rehabilitative and resettlement culture throughout the prison so that opportunities for all offenders to change their behaviour and reduce future offending are encouraged from the first day of custody.

This allows opportunities for prisoners to take responsibility for their own rehabilitation and encourages them and their families to engage with the resettlement services available to improve their wellbeing and desist from future criminality.


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