Welcome to the Families Team


The Families Pathway at HMP Forest Bank is dedicated to understanding of the needs of families affected by imprisonment and widening the scope of meaningful and effective interventions offered to those families and prisoners

We acknowledges the importance of engaging families in prisoner rehabilitation and through partnership working we can tackle entrenched problems to improve the well-being of the whole family to aide successful prisoner resettlement and desist from a life of crime. HMP Forest Bank has always recognised the importance of the role of families and significant others and has prioritised family work in recent years.  Since 2012, there has been a dedicated Children and Families Manager in place to drive the family strategy forward and embed the work into the day to day work of the prison. 

Here at HMP Forest Bank we understand that having a loved one in custody can be a difficult time for family and friends. We understand these circumstances may present a number of issues and so recognise the importance of supporting both prisoners and their families.

Forest Bank has a Families Team with friendly and professional Family Pathway Workers who are dedicated to supporting both you and your partner/loved one whilst they are in custody.

We offer a range of support all designed to help maintain positive family ties. Support offered is dependent on individual circumstances and is tailored to individual needs.

Family Pathway workers are experienced members of staff who have a genuine passion for supporting others. Whether it is reassurance, advice, guidance or more complex issues, the Families Team are on hand to help. Where there is Social Care involvement, Family Workers can liaise with professionals to ensure Dad’s voice is heard.


The Visits Experience:

Here at HMP Forest Bank we have tried to make the visiting experience as welcoming as possible. During a social visit we ask all visitors to remain at their designated table. If you have children who will be attending a social visit and would like activities to keep them engaged, please notify a member of the Visits Team. Where possible we will provide you with a suitable activity for your child/children.

If you feel you or your loved one may benefit from our support or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:



  • Call 0161 925 7000 and ask for the Families Team.
  • Email us on FBFamilies@sodexogov.co.uk
  • Tell your family member to place an application on the kiosk.
  • Feel free to knock on the Families Team Room (located at the back of the Visits Hall

2019 Strategy

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Supporting Families of Prisoners