Prisoner Property

HMP Forest Bank is introducing a new process for the receiving of prisoner property which will be launched on Monday 5 December 2022

Please note that no further postal deliveries will be accepted after Friday 2 December 2022*

Prisoner property applications will be accepted within their 28-day reception period and additionally their anniversary reception date following 12 months in custody.

Applications for property acceptance must be made internally via the unit kiosk. Prisoners are requested to provide a maximum of three dates and times for property delivery along with a named / nominated person who will deliver their property directly to the prison. Successful applications will receive a reference number, identifying the date and time for receipt of property. 

The nominated person will need this to confirm details with the property officer when booking property in at the desk. 

Any property that is delivered outside of the approved booking slot will not be accepted.

Nominated individuals delivering property must be in possession of photographic identification.

The property desk will be open Mon-Fri 08.00-16.00hrs 

Property will be checked upon receipt of delivery. Prohibited items and / or additional items above the set numbers on the facilities list will be refused.

Property will be issued within 3 working days of delivery. 

* It is understood that there may be exceptions to this rule. Any requests for postal delivery must be made internally via the Security Department.